Borzoi Golden Retriever Mix

With its captivating blend of Golden smarts and sighthound physicality, the Borzoi Golden Retriever mixe beautifully merges favorite traits from two cherished purebreds into one devoted hybrid companion. Often called Golden Borzois or Retriever Borzois, these even-tempered athletic crosses bring together speed, intelligence, and stunning good looks primed for active owners.

What is a Borzoi Golden Retriever Mix?

A Borzoi crossed with a Golden Retriever produces a deliberate first-generation hybrid fusing positive qualities from both parent breeds. They tend to be bred more frequently in recent decades due to surging interest in crossover dogs. Termed Golden Borzois or Retriever Borzois, fans appreciate their versatile potential.

What Does a Borzoi Golden Retriever Mix Look Like?

With a diverse inheritance blending head-to-toe physical traits, appearances vary dramatically but often feature:

  • A Goldenesque intermediate muzzle instead of the ultra-narrow Borzoi head
  • Semi-flat skulls rather than extreme stop break like a Golden
  • Pointed dog ears flipped halfway or rose ears tipping frontwards
  • Long legs suited for sprinting mixed with a muscular yet lither body than Golden stockiness
  • Wavy feathered coats in black, brown, gold, or mixes thereof

Coat colors and textures differ wildly depending on which parent they favor most.


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The diverse genetics of the Borzoi Golden Retriever mix draws from two distinct gene pools with influence unpredictably skewed towards one parental lineage or the other both physically and behaviorally, depending on dominant and recessive inheritance randomness.


The temperament of a Borzoi Golden Retriever Mix varies based on the individual dog’s genetic makeup and the influence of its Borzoi and Golden Retriever parent breeds. Here are general characteristics often associated with the temperament of Borzois and Golden Retrievers:

Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) Traits:

  1. Gentle Nature: Borzois are known for their gentle and calm demeanor.
  2. Independent: They can be somewhat independent and reserved, especially with strangers.
  3. Affectionate: Despite their reserved nature, Borzois often form strong bonds with their families.

Golden Retriever Traits:

  1. Friendly: Golden Retrievers are renowned for their friendly and outgoing nature.
  2. Intelligent: They are highly intelligent and trainable dogs.
  3. Sociable: Golden Retrievers are typically sociable with people and other animals.
  4. Loyal: They are known for their loyalty and devotion to their families.

Borzoi Golden Retriever Mix: The temperament of the mix may encompass a combination of the traits mentioned above. Individuals in the same litter may have varying temperaments. Here are potential characteristics:

  1. Gentle and Calm: The mix may inherit the gentle and calm nature of the Borzoi.
  2. Sociable: If influenced by the Golden Retriever parent, the mix could be sociable and friendly.
  3. Intelligent: The mix might display intelligence and a willingness to learn, especially if it takes after the Golden Retriever.


  • Early Socialization: Regardless of individual traits, early socialization is crucial for a well-rounded temperament.
  • Training: Positive reinforcement training methods work well for this mix, given the intelligence and eagerness to please.
  • Exercise: Both parent breeds are known for their endurance. Regular exercise and mental stimulation are essential for a happy and well-behaved Borzoi Golden Retriever Mix.

Health Concerns

Crossbreeding widens gene diversity, but you should remain proactive about potential orthopedic issues like hip/elbow dysplasia, eye disease, heart conditions, and bloat susceptibility through diet and exercise precautions. Lifespans average from 10-14 years. Discuss parental health assurances plus nutrition and activity expectations with your veterinarian.

Care and Grooming

The Borzoi Golden Retriever mix benefits from regular care and grooming, vital for its overall health. Here are general care and grooming guidelines:


If the mix inherits the longer coat of the Borzoi, regular brushing several times a week will be necessary to prevent matting and tangling.

For a shorter coat, brushing once a week should be sufficient to remove loose hair and maintain a healthy coat.


Bathe the dog as needed, typically every 2 to 3 months or when it gets dirty. Use a dog-friendly shampoo to avoid skin irritation.

Ear Cleaning

Check and clean the ears regularly, especially if the mix inherits the Borzoi’s drop or semi-drop ears, which can be prone to wax buildup and infections.

Nail Trimming

Trim your dog’s nails regularly, usually every 2 to 4 weeks. Long nails can be uncomfortable and may affect the dog’s gait.

Dental Care

Brush the dog’s teeth regularly to maintain good oral health. Dental chews and toys can also contribute to dental hygiene.

Skin Folds (if applicable)

If the mix has loose skin folds, especially around the face and neck, check and clean these areas regularly to prevent infections.


Make sure you provide regular exercise to keep the mix physically and mentally stimulated. Both Borzois and Golden Retrievers are active breeds.

Training and Socialization

Engage in positive reinforcement training to stimulate the mix’s intelligence and maintain good behavior.

Ensure early socialization with various people, environments, and other animals.

Health Check-ups

You should schedule regular veterinary check-ups to monitor overall health, vaccinations, and preventive care.


Provide a balanced and nutritious diet suitable for the dog’s age, size, and activity level. Consult with your veterinarian for specific dietary recommendations.


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How Much Do Borzoi Golden Retriever Mix Puppies Cost?

Being a relatively newer intentional hybrid without breed-specific established rescues, Borzoi/Golden Retriever mix litters are available exclusively from private breeders, with pricing largely tracking the current high market demand for Golden-variant “doodle” crosses.

Expect to budget $800 to over $2500 per Retriever Borzoi pup. Emphasize health testing transparency over base pricing from breeders.


Fusing Golden Retrievers’ quintessential family-friendly temperament with the refined heroic athleticism of aristocratic Borzois makes Retriever Borzoi mixes a versatile crossover option for owners seeking lower-maintenance exercise partners than field Goldens. Ensure their considerable daily activity and training needs get fulfilled, and they repay with unwavering devotion through their decade+ lifespan.

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What types of homes suit the Borzoi and Golden Retriever mix best?

Active singles, couples, or families able to commit to adequate daily running exercise, positive training reinforcement, plus access to securely enclosed spaces will appreciate them most.

How trainable is the Borzoi Golden Retriever mix?

The Borzoi Golden Retriever Mix is trainable with the right approach. Early training, positive reinforcement, and consistency contribute to a well-behaved and well-adjusted companion.

Does the Borzoi Golden Retriever mix get along with other pets?

Early extensive socialization serves as imperative for nurturing friendly manners and inhibiting their high prey drives towards small pets, cats, etc. Expect ongoing supervision and leaving off-leash interactions to professional training guidance. Their amiable side will shine through with conscientious effort.

Is the Borzoi and Golden Retriever mix a good apartment dog?

The suitability of a Borzoi Golden Retriever Mix for apartment living depends on the individual dog’s energy levels and exercise needs. Borzois adapt well to apartment living, but Golden Retrievers are typically more active and require more space to run and play. Consider the individual needs and temperament of the dog, as well as the size and layout of the apartment.