Catahoula Aussie Mix: An Overview

In the vast canine kingdom, there exists a captivating blend of breeds known as the Catahoula Aussie Mix. Combining the distinctive traits of the Catahoula Leopard Dog and the Australian Shepherd, this hybrid is gaining popularity among dog enthusiasts for its unique characteristics. If you’re curious about this fascinating crossbreed, join us on a journey to explore more.

What is a Catahoula Aussie Mix?

A Catahoula Aussie Mix is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Catahoula Leopard dog. Often called Catahoulasie or Aussiehoula, this mixed breed combines characteristics from each parent dog into a versatile working dog and family companion. Let’s explore more about their traits and requirements as a hybrid crossbreed.

Catahoula Aussie Mix Size and Weight

As a medium to large-sized mix, Catahoula Aussie Mix full-grown dogs generally stand 18-26 inches (46 t0 66 cm) tall at the shoulder and weigh 40-90 lbs (18 to 41 kgs), depending on whether they inherit more genes from the Australian Shepherd or Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog sides.

Aussie parentage brings the likelihood of a slightly larger dog, while Catahoula lineage can result in a more compact frame. There is healthy variation as this is still a first-generation cross.


While an established breed in its own right, the hybrid Catahoula Aussie Mix first originated within the past 10-20 years in the United States. It was specifically bred as a versatile working farm dog with herding aptitude from the Aussie side and a rugged hunting drive from Catahoulas.

The mix also turned out to have plenty of devotion towards their families – likely because both parent breeds were wonderful companions when properly stimulated. Their rising popularity makes them a little easier to find through breeders who specialize in Catahoula cross-lines.

Catahoula Aussie Mix Coat Colors

The Catahoula Aussie Mix inherits a captivating array of coat colors, reflecting the diversity of its Catahoula Leopard Dog and Australian Shepherd parentage. These dogs often showcase a mesmerizing blend of merle patterns, solid hues, and unique markings. Common coat colors include blue merle, red merle, black, and variations of tan or white.catahoula aussie mix


From both sides of the family tree, the bright-minded Catahoula Aussie Mix is an attentive, energetic, bold, and remarkably intelligent hybrid. They need substantial daily activity paired with puzzle games and dog sports as an outlet for their drive, trainability, agility, and abilities.

 Most Catahoula Aussie Mix dogs are loyal to their owners and protective of their home and family. Early socialization helps curb any standoffish tendencies toward strangers. When sufficiently exercised, they are affectionate, pleasant housemates.

Health Concerns

The Catahoula Aussie Mix offspring inherits some hybrid vigor but still requires certain wellness checks. Common health issues in this particular breed include:

Hip Dysplasia

Malformation of hip joints happens but can be screened for in breeding dogs. Maintaining a lean body weight helps prevent issues.

Eye Problems

Hereditary cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, or coloboma may be present. You should take your Aussie Catahoula mix for CERF eye exams every 1-2 years to check for ocular health.


Particularly if white coated, possible hearing tests ensure function. Overall, there is low occurrence.

With an average lifespan of 13-15 years, providing proper exercise, diet, vet care, training, and love allows these high-energy crossbreeds to stay happy in both mind and body.

Care and Grooming

The short-haired Catahoula Aussie Mix has fairly low-maintenance grooming needs:

  • Bathing: Bathe your Catahoula Aussie Mix as needed, typically every two to three months or when they get dirty. Over-bathing can strip the coat of essential oils, leading to dryness and irritation.
  • Brushing: The Catahoula Aussie Mix often inherits a double coat that can be short to medium in length. Brush your dog once a week using a rubber brush or mitt to remove dirt and loose hair. Brushing also helps distribute natural oils, keeping the coat healthy and shiny.
  • Nail Care: Regular nail trims are essential to prevent discomfort and potential injuries. If you hear clicking sounds when your dog walks on hard surfaces, it’s time for a nail trim.
  • Dental Care: Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial for your dog’s health. Brush your dog’s teeth regularly, provide dental chews, and schedule professional dental cleanings as your veterinarian recommends.
  • Exercise Requirements: The Catahoula Aussie Mix is an active and energetic breed that requires regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. Daily walks, playtime, and engaging activities help burn off excess energy and prevent boredom.
  • Training and Socialization: Early training and socialization are vital for the Catahoula Aussie Mix. Positive reinforcement techniques work well, as these dogs respond positively to rewards and praise. Exposing your dog to various environments, people, and other animals from a young age helps ensure they grow up well-adjusted and confident.

Their moderate shedding spikes change with frequent brushing. You should shed defense and vacuum your home. Their coats shake off dirt, moisture, and debris, requiring less fretting over muddy paws than long-haired breeds. Provide your dog with a soft bed to burrow into after outdoor adventures!


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How Much Does Catahoula Aussie Mix Puppies Cost?

For a popular designer hybrid without professional breed organization oversight, Catahoula Aussie Mix puppy prices understandably span a wide range. Expect to pay $500 to $1500 on average.

Factors influencing cost include breeder reputation, parent dog lineage/papers, special coat colors, location, litter availability, and more. Be prepared for this athletic crossbreed by budgeting additionally for supplies, vet care, training, food, an emergency fund, etc, over their lifetime.


The lively, trainable Catahoula Leopard Dog and Australian Shepherd cross makes for more than the sum of its parts. The Catahoula Aussie Mix blends the best attributes of both working farm dog breeds into a bold, energetic pup devoted to their family while always ready for action. When provided proper leadership, activity, socialization, and jobs to excel at, this hybrid crossbreed thrives as watchful homestead and sporting dogs carrying generations of purpose in their bloodlines.

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How big does the Catahoula Aussie Mix get?

Most dogs from this particular breed reach 18 to 26 inches tall at the shoulder and 40 to 90 pounds when fully grown. Size depends somewhat on which parent they take after more.

Does the Aussie Catahoula Mix do well with kids and other pets?

Yes, when socialized early on. Their herding instincts mean they may try to “herd” kids and pets, so training is necessary. Proper interaction when young allows them to live amiably with children and other animals.

Is the Catahoula Aussie Mix easy to train?

Yes, it is a very bright, aim-to-please dog. Its intelligence means it thrives on dog activities. Positive reinforcement and firm leadership channel dedication and eagerness into becoming a highly capable working dog.

How much exercise does a Catahoula Aussie Mix need daily?

As an energetic working crossbreed, they require 60+ minutes of hard exercise daily and ample backyard time. These dogs thrive when given jobs to fulfill their mental and physical drive.