English Bulldog Husky Mix: Everything You Should Know

The English Bulldog Husky mix, also referred to as the Englusk or Bulldogsky, combines the best qualities of two popular breeds into one loveable mixed dog. Bred from the loyal English Bulldog and energetic Siberian Husky, these pups showcase stunning good looks paired with an affectionate, lively personality.

If you’re considering adding one of these special hybrids to your family, read on to get the full rundown on Englusk’s traits and care requirements.

What is an English Bulldog Husky Mix?

The English Bulldog Husky mix is a cross between a purebred English Bulldog parent and a purebred Siberian Husky parent. These are purposefully bred designer dogs, not accidentally mixed mutts. Englusk pups will showcase physical traits and personality aspects inherited from both their Bulldog and Husky ancestry.

What Does an English Bulldog Husky Mix Look Like?

In summary:

  • A medium-sized dog, weighing 40-65 lbs and standing 20-25 inches tall
  • Athletic and muscular body shape
  • A fluffy double coat like a Husky that sheds moderately year-round
  • Coat colors include black, white, brown, red, gray, tan, or piebald spotted
  • Almond-shaped eyes in various colors, from blue to brown or odd-eyed
  • Slightly longer muzzle than a Bulldog, ears vary from folded to pointed

In terms of appearance, the English Bulldog and Husky mix generally takes more after their Husky lineage in body shape. They have an athletic, well-muscled, medium-sized build, standing 20-25 inches tall at the shoulders once fully grown. Typical adult weight ranges between 40-65 pounds.

Their fluffy double-coat resembles a Husky, with its thick fur shedding moderately year-round. Englusk dogs may inherit the almond-shaped eyes of a Siberian Husky in different hues, from blue to brown or odd-eyed.

Ears vary from slightly folded like their Bulldog parents to pointed upright. While their skull and muzzle are distinctly longer than an English Bulldog, they don’t take after the extreme length of a Husky snout, which balances facial wrinkles.


Like most hybrids, the English Bulldog and Husky mix temperament reflects that of both parental lineages blended. Extremely loyal and devoted to their special people, English Bulldog Husky Mix pups form close bonds and aim to please. Their energetic playfulness and curiosity keep things lively well into adulthood.

They are typically friendly and tolerant towards children, although their size means they can accidentally bowl over little toddlers in bursts of enthusiasm. This trait also means proper socialization is essential for learning appropriate interactions with small pets that their high prey drive may otherwise prompt them to chase.

Most Englusk dogs are quite sociable overall, but early exposure to many different people, animals, sights, and sounds remains key to nurturing this natural confidence in new situations.

In summary:

  • Extremely loyal and deeply devoted to their human family
  • Lively, energetic, adventurous, and playful into adulthood
  • Loving, gentle, and protective by nature
  • Friendly towards children but can accidentally knock over little kids
  • Independent thinking necessitates patient, positive obedience training
  • Prone to chasing small pets unless taught otherwise
  • Frequent vocalizers who bark, howl, and “talk”

Health Concerns

While generally healthy when responsibly bred, potential issues seen in English Bulldog and Husky Mix pups include:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Breathing problems related to restrictive airways
  • Allergies and skin problems
  • Eye conditions like cherry eye
  • Obesity if overfed and underexercised

We strongly recommend Vet evaluations every 6 months along with tests for genetic issues. With attentive care, Englusk dogs typically live 10-13 years.what does an English Bulldog Husky Mix look like?

English Bulldog Husky Mix Care and Grooming Practices

The English Bulldog Husky Mix sheds a fair amount year-round meaning their thick double-coat requires brushing two to three times per week to control loose hair and prevent mats or tangles while distributing skin oils.

Moderate dirt and odor means monthly baths or only on an as-needed basis. Their Husky heritage makes Englusk dogs prone to taking off after intriguing scents and sights so a securely fenced yard is advisable. Here are care and grooming practices to observe when dealing with this particular breed:

  • Diet: High-quality dry dog food, 2-3 cups daily, split into two meals
  • Exercise: 45-60 minutes of vigorous daily exercise (jogging, hiking, playtime, sports)
  • Grooming: Moderate shedding, so brush thoroughly 2-3 times per week
  • Training: Responds best to positive reinforcement and interactive training games

How Much Does an English Bulldog Husky Mix Puppy Cost?

You can expect to spend $800-2,000 USD or more for an English Bulldog Husky mix puppy, depending on the breeder’s reputation, lineage, and appearance attributes like rare coat colors. Adoption fees for English Bulldog Husky Mix rescue dogs generally fall between $300-500 USD.


Breeders create the English Bulldog Husky mix to blend the most appealing aspects of English Bulldogs and Siberian Huskies. The result is a delightful, loyal hybrid that bonds deeply with their family while staying energetic and playful. Make sure these needs are met with plenty of training, activity, grooming, and veterinary care for a long, fulfilling life together.


Is the English Bulldog and Husky mix a good family pet?

Yes! With early socialization and training, these clever, energetic dogs get along wonderfully with children and thrive when included in family activities. Their gentle protectiveness suits family life.

Can the English Bulldog Husky Mix live in an apartment?

Yes, it can adapt to apartment living provided its daily exercise needs are met, but it does best with access to a securely fenced yard to expend energy. The small space may be an issue for dogs, especially vocal ones.

What type of discipline works best for the English Bulldog Husky Mix?

Avoid harsh corrections. Like most dogs, English Bulldog Husky mix puppies and adults will be motivated by positive reinforcement training focused on rewarding good behaviors. Consistency, firm guidance, and redirection are key.

How often should I groom and bath my English Bulldog and Husky Mix?

Brushing several times per week is essential to control shedding and keep their coat clean. Limit bathing to only when truly needed, around once every 6-8 weeks, to avoid drying out their skin unless they get especially muddy or smelly.

Should I get a male or female English Bulldog and Husky Mix puppy?

Temperament varies more on an individual basis than by sex alone. Both male and female English Bulldog Husky mix puppies have plenty of affection and energy to delight families. Females tend to be slightly smaller, while males can be more headstrong. Consider activity level and size over gender when selecting your perfect match.