What is a Micro French Bulldog?

A Micro French Bulldog is a miniature version of the French Bulldog breed. They are typically 2-6 pounds and stand 6-10 inches tall. These dogs are bred to be exceptionally small, often much smaller than the standard size recognized by breed standards. This article will help you understand everything you need to know about the Micro French Bulldog. Read on!


  • Size: As the name suggests, the defining characteristic of a micro French Bulldog is its small size. These dogs are bred to be significantly smaller than the standard French Bulldog, potentially weighing less and having a smaller overall frame.
  • Appearance: Micro French Bulldogs typically retain the same physical characteristics as standard French Bulldogs, including their trademark bat-like ears, short snouts, and sturdy build. Their coat can come in various colors and patterns, just like the standard breed.
  • Temperament: Since they are often bred from standard French Bulldogs, micro French Bulldogs might share similar temperamental traits. These include being affectionate, playful, and loyal companions. They are known for their friendly and sociable nature, making them great companions for families and individuals.
  • Health Considerations: Downsizing dogs to an extreme degree can lead to various health issues. Micro French Bulldogs may be more prone to respiratory problems, dental issues, joint problems, and other health concerns commonly associated with very small dog breeds.
  • Care Needs: Micro French Bulldogs might require special care and attention due to their potential health issues. This could include managing their weight, ensuring proper dental care, and being mindful of their breathing, especially during exercise and hot weather.what does a Micro French Bulldog look like?

Is the Micro French Bulldog a recognized breed?

Micro Frenchies are not a recognized or established breed by reputable kennel clubs like the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the Kennel Club (UK). Some breeders often use the term “micro” to describe very small versions of popular breeds, including the French Bulldog, but it’s not an official designation within breed standards.


The lifespan of this mini Frenchie can vary. Standard French Bulldogs, on average, have a lifespan of around 10 to 12 years. However, it’s worth noting that the lifespan of this Frenchie variation might be slightly longer, ranging between 12-16 years.

How big do Micro French Bulldogs get?

Micro French Bulldogs typically weigh between 2-6 pounds and stand at 6-10 inches tall. As a full-grown adult, they only reach a height of fewer than 11 inches. Any size variation referred to as “micro” would likely depend on the breeding practices of individual breeders who use this term.

How much is a Micro French Bulldog?

The price of this Frenchie variation depends on several factors, including demand, location, and breeder reputation. On average, a Mini French Bulldog can cost between $1,500 to $3,000. However, the price can increase significantly depending on the location and reputation of the breeder