What is a Plott Hound Pitbull Mix? Everything You Should Know

A Plott Hound Pitbull mix, also known as a Plottbull, is a unique breed with a blend of Plott Hound’s hunting instincts and Pitbull’s loyalty and strength.

Characteristics of the Plott Hound Pitbull Mix

Here are common characteristics of the Pitbull Hound Mix:

  • Appearance: Plottbulls typically have a muscular build, short coat, and can come in a variety of colors. They may inherit the Plott Hound’s brindle coat pattern or Pitbull’s coat colors.
  • Temperament: These dogs are known for being loyal, protective, and affectionate. They can be good family pets and are often good with children when properly socialized.
  • Energy Level: Plottbulls tend to be energetic dogs, requiring regular exercise and mental stimulation. They may inherit the Plott Hound’s hunting drive, so a secure yard is essential.
  • Intelligence: They are intelligent dogs and are trainable, but they may also be independent-minded.
  • Protectiveness: These dogs are protective of their families, making them good watchdogs. Socialization is crucial to ensure they don’t become overly aggressive.
  • Health: They may be prone to certain health issues common in both Plott Hounds and Pitbulls, such as hip dysplasia, so regular veterinary care is important.what is a plott hound pitbull mix?

How to care for the Plott Hound Mix Pitbull

Grooming and caring for a Plott Hound Pitbull mix is relatively straightforward due to their short coat. Here are some care practices you should follow:

  • Brushing: These dogs have short coats, but regular brushing helps remove loose hair, dirt, and stimulates their skin. Use a soft bristle brush or a grooming mitt to keep their coat healthy.
  • Bathing: Plottbulls are not prone to excessive odors, so bathe your dog as needed, typically every few months or when it gets dirty. Use a dog-specific shampoo to avoid skin irritation.
  • Ear Cleaning: Check their ears regularly for dirt, wax buildup, or signs of infection. Clean with a vet-recommended ear cleaner and a soft cloth or cotton ball. Be gentle to prevent injury.
  • Nail Trimming: Trim your dog’s nails regularly to prevent overgrowth, which can be uncomfortable. Use a dog nail clipper, and be cautious not to cut too close to the quick.
  • Dental Care: Brush your dog’s teeth several times a week to maintain oral health. Use a dog toothbrush and toothpaste, as human products can be harmful to dogs.
  • Skin Check: Examine your plottbull’s skin for any signs of irritation, rashes, or hot spots. If you notice any issues, consult your veterinarian for proper treatment.
  • Flea and Tick Prevention: Use appropriate flea and tick prevention measures recommended by your vet to keep your plottbull free from these pests.
  • Regular Vet Visits: Schedule regular check-ups with your veterinarian to ensure your Plottbull’s overall health and to address any specific grooming or health concerns.
  • Diet: A healthy diet can contribute to their coat’s condition. Provide a balanced, high-quality dog food to keep their skin and coat in good shape.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise helps maintain your dog’s overall health, which can also contribute to its coat condition.

Are Plott Hounds dangerous?

Plott Hounds are not inherently dangerous dogs, but like any breed, their behavior largely depends on how they are raised, socialized, and trained. Plott Hounds are typically known for their hunting abilities, determination, and loyalty. They can be strong and energetic dogs.

How much does a Plott Hound Pitbull Mix puppy cost?

The cost of a Plott Hound Pitbull Mix puppy can be determined by several factors, including breeder reputation, demand, availability, the puppy’s lineage, location, and its health and age. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $1,000 or more for a Plott Hound Pitbull mix puppy. You may also consider adoption from different dog shelters.