Helpful Tips for Living With a Dog in an Apartment

Living with a dog in an apartment can seem difficult for many people. Dogs are known to love freedom and outdoor play. However, there are breeds of dogs that can be very good apartment companions if they are well educated.

Living With a Dog in an Apartment: Choosing the Right Breeds

Adopting a dog for apartment living is a decision that requires careful consideration. Think above all about the animal’s well-being by choosing one of the breeds that best adapt to apartment life:

  • Bichon frize,
  • Shih Tzu,
  • Cavalier King Charles,
  • Chihuahuas,
  • Continental Toy Spaniel,
  • Yorkshire terrier,
  • English bulldog,
  • Greyhound,
  • Welsh Corgi,
  • Russkiy toy.

The choice of breed is also determined by other criteria. For example, some dog breeds adapt easily to an environment where there are small children. Others feel more comfortable in the company of older people. Others have a preference for people who live alone.

The Cleanliness of the Dog in the Apartment

In an apartment, the dog will not benefit from a garden to go out quickly to do its business if necessary. Therefore, you must teach your dog cleanliness as it is done in a house. During his first days in an apartment, do not hesitate to take your furry friend out often enough so that he does not urinate on the floor. If this happens, avoid punishing him. Just clean up.

Arm yourself with patience and rigor when training your dog. The exit times must be regular so that he understands that he must relieve himself outside the apartment. In addition, it is possible to call on a specialist to help you potty train your furry for living with a dog in an apartment

Walks and Walks: Privileged Moments

For a dog that lives in an apartment, walks and walks are essential. Your dog should be outside for 15-20 minutes every morning and 30 minutes in the evening to thrive and stay healthy. When the weekend comes, don’t hesitate to go on a mop with your companion so that he can let off steam.

Apart from walks, the dog greatly appreciates playful activities in an apartment with his master. Play hide and seek with the pup, do dog dancing, listen to music and watch TV together, do massage sessions, and offer dog toys to your pet.

Mistakes to Avoid When Living With a Dog in an Apartment

Barking dogs in apartments can be very annoying and not appreciated by neighbors. If your dog is barking, don’t ignore it. Tell him to stay “quiet” and reward him when he is quiet. When you leave the house, do not allow the dog access to all the rooms, because he could feel helpless in front of all this space. Just give him access to the living room and the hallway.

Avoid systematically punishing the dog when he does something stupid. For example, a dog that defecates in the apartment while you are away and is scolded when you arrive could eat its excrement the next time to cover its tracks.