Should You Walk Your Dog Every Day?

Wondering if you should walk your dog every day? The answer is yes. These furry friends have, depending on their age and race, a more or less substantial need to go for a walk, but the weekly walk remains essential to allow them to exert themselves physically, mentally and even olfactorily. It is a real breath of fresh air for them! 

Why You Should Walk Your Dog Every Day?

Guarantee their Inner Well-Being

Walking your dog every day is important for your dog’s mental health. In addition to allowing your pup to exercise properly, walks are an opportunity to have fun, discover lots of new smells and meet other dogs. 

The dog needs to socialize very early. In other words, meet new friends during their walks to get into the habit of communicating with their congeners and avoid being anxious or aggressive when they are there. Dogs are social beings, just like us. They strongly need contact with other dogs to be fulfilled and well in their paws. 

Your dog also needs to explore new places to satisfy its desire to smell. The sense of smell of this animal is much more developed than that of humans. Therefore, only a walk can sufficiently stimulate its rather extraordinary sense of smell. As a bonus, by taking your canine out regularly, you strengthen your bond with them!

Walking Your Dog Benefits Its Health

From a more medical point of view, walking your dog daily has several health benefits, including:

  • Weight Control: by exercising regularly, your pet will burn calories more easily and avoid being overweight.
  • Ensure their joints are in good shape by keeping them moving.  
  • Good for the dog’s digestive and urinary health. Dogs poop every time you go out with them. Maintaining a steady walking pace allows them to maintain a healthy pace in this regard. In addition, urinating is a real way for dogs to communicate with their fellow dogs.

Benefits for Dog Owners

As a dog owner, you can benefit in several ways if you walk your dog every day. In addition to strengthening your ties, this moment of sharing allows you, too, to relax after a long day. Moreover, what could be better than knowing that your dog is fulfilled by your side?benefits of walking your dog every day

Walk Your Dog Every Day: This Will Depend on Your Dog’s Needs

It’s a fact, the weekly walk is essential. The frequency and duration will still depend on your dog’s breed and age, as every dog ​​is different.

Walk Your Dog Every Day Depending on the Breed

Some breeds such as Terriers, Border Collies and other Shepherd breeds or even Labradors and Golden Retrievers have more substantial needs. Conversely, some breeds such as Bulldogs or Bichon Frisés have more moderate needs. These furry friends are certainly less active and more homelike than other dogs but still need to stretch their legs every day. 

Walks Adapted to the Dog’s Age (And Its Possible Health Problems)

A puppy will require shorter but more regular walks, while an adult dog will prefer more spaced out but longer walks.

The health of your dog is also a parameter to take into account. If your four-legged friend is a senior dog with mobility issues, it may help to cut down on walks and do them at their own pace.

Walk Your Dog Every Day Regardless of Where You Live

Whatever your place of residence (in a house or an apartment), it is essential to take your pet on real walks (and not just around the block!). Some dog owners tend to consider that by allowing constant access to the garden, which they think can replace daily walks, but this is a mistake. The dog does not discover odors and does not meet other dogs. In addition, they know the garden by heart! It, therefore, needs a real walk in the green spaces of public places.

Conversely, one might think that living in an apartment with a dog is complicated. In practice, not necessarily. You just need to know your needs well to respond to them correctly. 

You’re advised to make 3 to 4 outings per day. But, there is still no perfect recipe. As long as your pet’s needs are met and it is happy, you can do as you see fit.why you should walk your dog every day

As mentioned above, the daily walk should not be a simple hygienic walk, intended to make your dog its business. This moment must really allow the dog to spend its energy. During your walks, do not hesitate to ensure they engage in fun and sporting activities and stimulate them as much as possible. In case you don’t have time to walk your dog, you can hire the services of a dog sitter to take your dog out.

Signs That Prove Your Dog Doesn’t Go Out Enough

Your dog’s needs may not be fully met. If it destroys everything in your house when alone, barks excessively, or does its business indoors, it is surely a red flag that proves that it needs more walks. From a more psychological point of view, a dog that does not go out enough will tend to be more anxious, aggressive, or, in the worst case, mutilate itself.

In conclusion, should you walk your dog every day? The answer is, of course, yes. Walks are an essential variable to allow your pet to flourish and be fully happy. Thanks to them, they maintain a balance both mentally and physically and do not develop bad behavior.

Your availability is an important parameter to take into account when you are about to adopt a furry friend.